K & A Motorsport now stocks a range of K & N Filters to suit most vehicles, both on the track and off it. K & N Filters improve the flow of air into your engine by an average of 50%. A K & N Filter costs about twice the price of a standard air filter element for your car, but you only have to buy it once. Under normal motoring conditions, inspection every 18,000 Km or 12 months is recommended. If cleaning is not warranted, the filter should be re-oiled. If necessary, the filter can be washed and cleaned to get rid of built up dirt.

If you are after more than just a replacement element,
K & A Motorsport is the ideal place to buy your K & N Filter. We have many years of experience in designing and fabricating air intake systems for race, rally or special street vehicles and can advise you on the best options for your particular application.


The primary function of an air filter is to clean the air before it enters the engine. If this is true, why do we see so many engines, especially expensive competition engines, without air filters? The answer is airflow. An engine's power output is proportional to the volume of air it can ingest at any given rpm, assuming the fuel management system is capable of sustaining a near perfect air/fuel mixture ratio. The most minute restriction in the air induction system will cause an engine's optimum power output to drop.
Maintaining optimum, unrestricted flow becomes a problem when the air must pass through a filter element. Conventional paper elements are very resistant to air flow because the filter material or medium is very dense. The greater the restriction the greater the power loss.
K&N engineers have made vast improvements in performance, durability and serviceability by directly addressing these inherent compromises. In the early '60s, K&N developed an oil-impregnated cotton air filter gauze which exceeds the minimum filtradon standards while offering little restriction to air flow. As a result, the first K&N filter element was manufactured by sandwiching several layers of surgical gauze between two sheets of wire mesh. The medium was then pleated to reduce the filters overall size and to increase its surface area. Finally the cotton gauze was oiled to enhance its filtering capabilities. The original concept exists today and remains the basic component used in all of our automotive, industrial, marine and motorcycle air filters.
K&N's oil-impregnated, cotton-gauze element is the basis of our filter, as well as K&N's overall dominance of the reusable air filter market. The process is expensive but well worth the effort. To further make the point, consider that square inch per square inch, our filter will flow an average of 50 percent more air compared to the average paper filter without sacrificing filtration efficiency.

Remember, the price you pay is for the lifetime of your car. Prices are generally about twice those of a standard air filter - so from the second scheduled filter element change, you are saving money

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