K & A Motorsport are pleased to announce that we have developed a Falcon AU Front Wheel Upright which has proved superior in durability while weighing in at much less than competitive uprights.
The K & A upright is fabricated from chrome moly steel to the highest tolerances and incorporates innovative design features which have been proved in exhaustive testing in actual Group A V8 Super Cars. There are currently several Level 1 Factory Supported Falcon teams using these uprights.
In addition to the AU uprights, K & A Motorsport also manufactures Wheel Nut Locks, Disc Bells, Disc Bobbins, anti-roll bars and a range of other suspension components specifically for Group A V8 Super Cars.

We are always willing to assist with your ideas in confidence. Call Dale or Craig to discuss your requirements or to arrange a meeting.

K & A Motorsport also manufactures other components for the Racing fraternity, such as Wheel Nut Locks, Brake Bobbins, Disc Bells, Adjustable Anti Roll Bars, etc. Whatever your requirement, we can help with either custom designed components or off the shelf resolutions to the problem. We also cater for general engineering requirements, such as Weld On Fittings and Components, right up to Non-Return Fuel Pickup Pots, Remote Oil Reservoirs for Dry Sump Systems and Aluminium Fuel Tanks. We can supply and fit Fuel Tank Foam in existing or new fuel tanks, for additional safety in race and rally cars.

LD200 Dog Rings
K & A Motorsport has just introduced locally made LD200 Formula Ford gearbox Dog Rings to its range of Formula Ford Spare Parts. These Dog Rings are precision made to our normal exacting standards, but are available at a much lower price than you would normally expect. -- CALL US !!


Formula Ford Tripot Outers
Another new innovation from K & A Motorsport is our Hard Anodised Aluminium Tripot Joint Outers. Machined to our normal high standards, these Tripot Joint Outers are half the weight of their steel counterparts, which means less unsprung weight on your race car. Give yourself the winning edge that the top teams have paid thousands for up to now -- CALL !!!


Aluminium Drive Flanges and Spindles
Our Hard Anodised Billet Machined Aluminium Drive Flanges and Spindles are designed to reduce unsprung weight without compromising strength and durability. These are components which are not only aesthetically superior, but allow you to realise your full potential when you are at the front of the pack... and milliseconds count!



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