Many car enthusiasts spend so much time and money on making their car go faster that they don't realise how bad their stopping power is until it is too late. Remember that the real test of brakes is not how quickly they stop the car, but how often they stop the car effectively. Most standard brakes will work reasonably well within the normal driving cycle, but more powerful engines mean that you reach higher speeds more often, with less time between stops from those higher speeds. Don't get caught out--upgrade your brakes to suit the power output of your car.

Our team of race trained mechanics are now able to offer you the benefit of their experience in upgrading your brakes to race standard. We can fit larger rotors, multi-spot callipers and street legal braided brake lines to any make or model. This means better cooling, more stopping power and a firmer pedal when you need it.

We are Agents for AP Racing Brake Parts And Goodridge Street Legal Braided Brake Lines

K & A Motorsport can help you with all aspects of brake enhancement, including rotor slotting, PCD adjustment and calliper mounting. We do not merely fit new parts--we design and engineer integral systems to give you the performance, safety and reliability you require from your braking system.

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